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21 December 2009 @ 12:02 am


It was my bad, I assumed that this fandom was ready and mature enough to handle Real People Slash. I guess I was wrong. Either way, after getting an immature comment, I'm friending everything. What does that mean? No one who doesn't have an account on LiveJournal (if you are serious about reading, get one. They are free) can't read anything on this journal, except for this entry.

For the commenter who said she/he was ashamed to be a CATS Fan after reading my stuff, don't be. o.O; I'm the only one in the world (that i know of, if there are other nuts doing this please send me to their stuff so I can read...o.o) who writes it. I mean as far as I know I started this fandom. (weird feeling, I assure you.)

Also, this isn't illegal or abnormal, I'm just the first idiot to do it for the CATS fandom. Actually for other examples of Real People Slash, you may go here: monaboyd for Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan stories (this includes ALL ratings of fics and pair them up as a couple. They are two actors from the Lord of the Rings movies.) or go here: johnheartpaul for John Lennon/Paul McCartney stories (once again, ALL ratings of fics and pair them up as a couple. Yes, they are two of the Beatles.). Those are two that I'm just apart of, I'm sure (and I'm 100% positive) it's there for a TON of fandoms. For Lord of the Rings Actors alone there are more than 100 pairings at least.

Slash - also in case people don't know - is pairing up two guys (or I guess girls apply here too) that are straight (or claim to be ^_~) together as a couple. This concept is also VERY popular as I'm sure just about any fanfic writer knows.

Important Notes Below

Will You Ever Unfriend Them!? This isn't faaiir, liek omg!

Actually it is fair, I should have done it a long time ago. It's not fair on Jake, whom I love dearly. I'm friending this for him. I don't want him to see this crap. I don't know how he'd react and I'd like to think he wouldn't be too upset but I don't want to risk it.

As far as I know, unless he emails me himself and tells me he's ok with this stuff, no. And PLEASE DO NOT go find him and ask him. I DO NOT WANT HIM TO KNOW ABOUT IT. If he finds it on his own then I can't get upset with anyone. Let mother nature take control and he'll find it whenever.

If he already has found it, he hasn't responded so I'm not going to worry about it. If he was planning on responding then please do. I'm won't be mad, I may burst into tears and worry myself into a panic attack but it'll be the closest I'll ever be to meeting the man..lol. o.O;

Why won't you just friend everyone and get it over with?

It's my new policy, you have to email me first and tell me why you want to read it. Don't bother if you are under 17 because I have p0rn on this journal, hot gay guy p0rn that some people can't handle.

When you do email me, I want you to be honest that you understand what you are going to read isn't acceptable to all viewers and might make some people mad (as I have seen with previous comments).

This journal isn't for people to fight about their beliefs or to complain that anyone on here (commenters or writer/me) don't think the way they should. I for one am already screwed up in the head, ;) you aren't going to scare me or change what I write.

Did any of this stuff happen for real o_o; ?

NO. NO NO. and another NO. It never happened to my knowledge and is all MADE UP. It's FICTIONAL and did not take place in any real place situation.

Does Jake act like this in real life

I was hoping it would be fairly obvious, but no he doesn't. o_O; When I wrote 99% of these I was in High School/Early College (still with the mental capability of a middle schooler >_<...) and I had a made up/not real/fictional depiction of Jacob Brent and I'm fairly sure John isn't written correctly either. Even my new ones I don't feel are correct but they work for the universe I made up in my head.

The depressed/suicidal fics aren't real either. They were just situations I wanted to try and write out. It's called exploring. I also don't want to hurt Jake in real life (if anything just hug him really tightly and say Congrats for getting to where he is today!) nor believe he's gonna kill himself. I do not believe that he is ill of health, a prostitute ...any other FICTIONAL situations that I placed him in. o.O;

I understand that Jacob Brent is gay but why did you have to mess with him? This ain't right. D:

Well first off, I want to hug you for at least being OK with that fact. *giant hugs* Ok, next. Welcome to the world of slash my friend. o_O; I really have nothing else to say and I'm not trying to act sarcastic, smart, or mean. Just seriously, welcome to the World of Slash. It's VERY messed up in here o_o;

What I write is actually tame compared to a lot of the Kink in the monaboyd fandom or even the Beatle Stories get down there.

Alright, Alright I've read ALL this crap and acknowledge that I maybe running for my life after I read a story, what do I do?

First: Get a LiveJournal account. They are completely 100% free to get and will be useful, I'm sure, for the future.
Second: EMAIL me at robingurl@gmail with the header 'John Loves Jake xD' and fill this information out:
1. Name
2. Age (please be honest)
3. Why you like Jake and John together
4. LJ User Name

If I do friend you, I expect you to comment on the stories. I don't like lurkers. D:< If you lurk I'm unfriending you.

Thank You EVERYONE for your cooperation.

Robin Gurl
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